Whether you want to leverage the collective brainpower of like-minded individuals or want a one-to-one session personalised to you, there’s a solution to propel you on to the next level.

My programMEs are for you if:


My three-month signature 1-to-1 coaching programme is designed for women who really want to take charge of their business and drive real results. Following a two hour intro session to really get to know you and get under the skin of your business, we’ll schedule fortnightly hourly sessions to not only help you build out successful strategies and action plans, but to provide you with focus and accountability to ensure your progress stays on track. After all, that’s when the change happens!
Investment from £2250


Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to help you reenergise and reignite your passion for your business, need clarity on a specific business challenge, or are seeking a short, snappy session to help you set a successful strategy in place, these two-hour 1-to-1 sessions are perfect for ad-hoc support as your business grows and develops. Tailored entirely to you, these are the perfect way to dip your toe into coaching, helping you to overcome any hurdles your business may currently face.
Investment from £425


If you’re looking for some quick fixes to get you going, my Business Deep Dive branding consultancy package offers you a topline report outlining key action points and some easy wins for you to tick off to take your business to the next level. Following a thorough review of your branding, website, social channels and online presence, I’ll produce a written report detailing key areas for improvement. If you need, this can be combined with a 1-to-1 session to then help you build out the strategy to achieve this.
Investment from £450

GROUP Coaching

If you’re on the fence about how coaching could work for you, join my FREE Facebook group, The Power Brand Project, to get access to hints and tips to propel you on the path to success. Providing straight-talking advice in a safe, closed environment, you’ll be joined by a group of other like-minded women who you can tap into for ideas, opinions and support.
Aside from ongoing tips and training, having access to a great network of fellow entrepreneurs will help you stay motivated and accountable and start driving real change in your business.

Are you ready TO SUCCEED?

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