I first kicked off my career in London’s busy advertising industry, creating strategies to build the online presence of high-profile global brands. There were many parts I loved, but the creative lure I had first been attracted to was quickly becoming replaced by process and bureaucracy the further up the ladder I got, and it wasn’t leaving me as fulfilled as it once did.

Back in 2017, I decided there was no time like the present and set up my first business, moving from planning global brand strategies to planning weddings – something where I could leverage my existing skillset whilst also unleashing my creativity. Six months later, I’d caught the bug and set up a second business; this time a travel planning consultancy – a long-held passion of mine. Less than a year after setting up my first, I’d grown both sufficiently to enable me to achieve my dream of quitting the 9-5.

Driven (and perhaps a little impatient!) to succeed, I sought a business coach when first starting out, who could help give me the clarity and accountability to achieve the results I wanted. Fast forward a year and I’d surpassed all of my goals. Having managed and mentored a large team in my 9-5, I’ve always taken great satisfaction in being able to help other unleash their untapped potential and drive tangible results, so becoming a coach was always something I longed to do. Through Rachel Overall Coaching, I wanted to share the lessons learned and help others tap into the one game-changer in my business success – my personal brand.

Running your own business can be tough, but I’m a big believer that success comes not from working harder, but working smarter. Which is why, with two existing successful businesses under my belt, I decided to launch Rachel Overall Coaching – to help equip others with the strategies and tactics I found pivotal in the growth of my own businesses. As a trained business coach, I provide ambitious female professionals with straight-talking tips, tools and training to allow them to create a brand that not only truly reflects them, but that unlocks the path to success.

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